Fireboy and Watergirl is a non violent puzzle game

Fireboy and Watergirl is a non violent puzzle game that is suitable for all ages. Both Fireboy and Watergirl must avoid the opposite elements. For example Fireboy must avoid all of the water pits, and Watergirl must avoid all of the fire pits. Together they can collect all of the gems and find the exits.

They both have simple keyboard commands for running and jumping. The simplicity of Fireboy and Watergirl makes it both easy to use as well as easy to master playing the game. The characters work together by pushing obstacles or flipping switches on or off to let the other character through. Even though they are opposites, helping them to work in unison for a common goal is awesome.

There are many things that can be done to enhance the game. There are many differences between the movement of the characters. To maneuver Fireboy, one must use the arrow keys. Moving Watergirl requires using the A,W, and D keys. The letter A key moves Watergirl to the left. The W key makes her jump up. The D key moves her to the right. In order for her to jump over the deadly puddles,one must push the direction key (A or D) along with the W. Watergirl seems to jump over the pits more effectively than Fireboy. Fireboy was a little more difficult to maneuver when playing. Fireboy’s movement requires the use of the arrow keys.

This game definitely needs more action. It seems almost too simple. Adding specific magical powers to both the characters would increase their appeal. Adding enemies into the game would give the player more of a challenge. An area of improvement is to update both of the character’s illustration. The graphic display of both of them needs more color and detail. It does not appear that illustrators took the time and effort to make the characters look good. Both merely look like simple stick figures with a splash of color. 

As a puzzle game it is great for helping to strengthen problem solving skills for players of all ages. Participants must thoroughly plan out the movements of both characters in order to successfully complete each level. Working with both of the players simultaneously and continually focusing on the goals and safety of them both forces players to pay attention to detail. As players pass each new level the next level is more challenging.