Web Browser Gaming

The internet is used for so many things nowadays that it is sometimes hard to catch interest. One of those things is through online gaming which can be played with a group of people in a massive-multiplayer-online game or a solo run in games as simple as flash games. Its all about finding the perfect game for you.

Tower Defense

Tower defense games are probably one of the most common versions of flash games. With this genre of video games, it is the player’s goal to defend an exit or goal against a swarm of enemies that are coming in from the other side of the map. There is typically a dedicated path where the swarm of enemies is programmed to follow and that is also visible by the player. It is the player’s job to build defenses based on what the game provides to defend the objective from potential attacks. In these games, the amount of defense a player is allowed to build is often limited to the amount of in-game currency made available to the player.

Survival Games

Survival games are as they suggest. It is the goal of the player to survive as long as possible from swarms of enemies that are targeting the player only in sets of rounds. The player may also only have limited lives or don’t have any to fall back on. Meaning, once a player dies in-game, the game is over and the player has to start from the starting round.

Many More Out There

This was mainly to name a few common flash games played by the masses. There are many more out there too enjoy. Just need to find the right one for the player.