Is This the End of Flash Games?

Flash player games are a thing of the past, and they will be abolished in 2020. A majority of people led by Apple and other independent game companies have all but ensured the destruction of Adobe’s long-lived flash player. Sadly, there are still many people around the world who won’t know what to do without the software because they enjoy playing the flash games on various sites around the internet and are wondering what is going to happen to their games. 

Well, the answer is we don’t know what the future holds for flash games, and its impact on the gamers. What we do know is that a letter and signed contract from Adobe shows that they are dissolving the flash player indefinitely. Although it’s had its ups and downs, ultimately it was glitchy, had lack-luster security, and was an unstable software. This is originally what made Apple not use them at all. After that it was a domino effect of users not wanting flash anymore simply because Apple didn’t want flash anymore. 

Sadly, in 2020 flash media player will be decommissioned and will no longer be available for the public to download. That leaves the future of the web browser gaming community up in the air and leave the faithful wondering what happens next. Maybe someone else will come in and take over running flash games and reinvent the software and make it more stable and secure, or maybe nothing will happen. Maybe you can still play your favorite games and not have to use the flash player to do so. Even though flash is going away, the gaming community should take solace in the face that the games on the browsers will always be there, albeit not by flash or adobe anymore, but they’ll still be able to play the web browsing games.