Everything You Need to Know About Installing Flash

Games to play on the internet are vast, and many of them are played with flash media player. What does flash media player do? What can you play on flash media player? How much did Adobe pay for to acquire the flash software? 

Flash media player basically allows people to download the Adobe flash media player and play any game across the internet in what are referred to as flash games. This software has been around since 1996 and has been a mainstay in web browsing for the past 25 years. Flash media player basically downloads the software for adobe’s flash and allows you to play games on the internet download and cost free. 

You can play these games on the flash media player, and these games are all over the internet. There are many sites dedicated to using these games as a center for their site. Game sites like Addicting Games, Newgrounds, Mini Clip, B Games, Armor Games, and many other sites have these games as their main attraction. These games are developed and made cheaply and are extremely fun to play and can become addicting. However, these games don’t have any limit to them as there are millions of different games per site and are all able to be played download free.

Adobe paid $3.4 Billion to acquire flash from the company named Macromedia. However, Macromedia wasn’t the only person who owned this software, as they bought the software from FutureWave who called it “SmartSketch” in 1992. However, when Adobe bought out Macromedia, they ensured that they would have little to no future competition in the web browser gaming industry and could continue on unimpeded. They have since made trillions of dollars off of this software and will continue to make billions a year as long as people continue to play flash games, and who wouldn’t play them, they’re so addicting.

Did you learn everything you needed to know about the flash media player download to play flash games? It’s really quite simple if that didn’t explain it all. Just go to adobe download their flash player, and after it’s installed, go to any gaming site to play on of the millions of games that are out there. Be careful though as these games are addicting. How do you think Adobe made trillions off of this one bit of technology? They didn’t make you buy it, they gave you the opportunity to play on their software and make money off of companies that host these games by ads an in game purchases. Play responsibly!