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Miiverse is a built-in Wii U application which allows Nintendo gamers to connect and share thoughts. Revealed during Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2012, Miiverse quickly became one of the most talked-about Wii U applications. While most Nintendo’s consoles have lacked a social feature of any kind, the Wii U will feature the first Nintendo-supported social tool for connecting with other Wii U users. Also confirmed is that the Wii U and Miiverse will use Nintendo Network IDs instead of the previous friend code system. Miiverse was inspired by the Japanese-only Wii no Ma Wii shop channel.



“WaraWara Plaza” is the name given to the Miiverse plaza where players enter the application. WaraWara Plaza is also the first place gamers arrive upon booting up their Wii U console. Apparently, “WaraWara” is Japanese for the noise and commotion a busy crowd makes. This is probably in reference to the bustling Miis that appear on start-up of the application.


Miiverse features:

  • Send doodles and sketches composed on the Wii U GamePad touchscreen
  • Send pictures, videos, comments, and other media through the Miiverse system
  • Update your Mii’s facial expression by choosing your mood
  • See who’s interested in or playing on the same games you are, and connect with them
  • Friend people, whether they be total strangers interested in the same games or friends you’ve met in real life
  • Use Nintendo Network IDs instead of friend codes – the Wii U will be the first recent Nintendo console to ditch friend codes
  • Access Miiverse from your Wii U, 3DS, computer, phone, or any device with internet access
  • Post comments, and reply to other users’ comments
  • Video chat with Miiverse friends using the built-in camera and microphone on the GamePad
  • Draw doodles on the screen while video chatting
  • The home button will flash whenever you have a video call, allowing you to suspend your game, and then answer
  • Expect to see Miiverse functions, like the comment feature, appear in games
  • Go to Miiverse without ending your game by pressing the home button on the GamePad controller
  • Arrive in WaraWara Plaza upon booting up your Wii U console