Reggie shows off the Wii U and new Wii U features -

The Wii U has a plethora of new features. Some Wii U features are groundbreaking, never-before-seen on a Nintendo console of any kind, and the Wii U is lined up to be Nintendo’s power player into the next generation of home consoles.

Many Wii U features have yet to be announced, but we will know a lot more once the Wii U launches on November 18, 2012 (North America).

We’ve saved you the work of having to look everywhere for information on the in-and-outs of the Wii U – just click a link below to learn more about any announced or newly-discovered Wii U applications.


Wii U Miiverse Social-


Wii U Features - Nintendo TVii gamepad demonstration -


We’ll try to update this list with new information as often as possible, but feel free to contact us if you think we should add something to our list, and we’ll get right on it.