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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Interview Video

Nintendo has posted a Moster Hunter 3 interview video on their official YouTube channel which details some of the games multiplayer features, like cross-over save data between the Wii U and the 3DS, and wireless local multiplayer. Check it out below. The video confirms that up to three 3DS systems can connect with one Wii

Minecraft Wii U? Doubtful, but here’s what it would look like

While it’s doubtful we’ll ever see Minecraft on the Wii U, everything’s possible. It’s fun to imagine what the Wii U could do in the future, and one Minecraft and Wii U fan did just that in creating a trailer of Minecraft Wii U. Check it out below.  

What 3D Mario on the Wii U Could Look Like

YouTube user freddiew created a video using computer animation software that shows us what a 3D Mario could look like on the Wii U. The video is worth watching to the end, in which Mario meets Bowser.  

Wii U Vs. PS3 Vs. Xbox 360: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Comparison

Digital Foundry recently made a video comparing the different console version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and from the looks of it in the video below, the Wii U came out top. According to Digital Foundry, the Wii U version had the least amount of frame rate lag and looked the cleanest out of all

New Nintendo Patent Hints at In-Game Video Chat, Online Support Possible

A new patent from Nintendo shows some kind of user interaction with the GamePad, and most details support that this patent shows the Wii U able to video chat with other users while in-game. Many gamers have speculated that the patents also hint at online in-game video chat capabilities as well. Not all patents from

Video Footage of the Nintendo Land Plaza

Check out this gameplay video showcasing the Nintendo Land Plaza.     While Nintendo Land doesn’t actually have any online features, the plaza shown in the video above does get populated with Miis from Miiverse.

Wii U eShop Will Have Demos

According to Nintendo of Japan’s official website, the Wii U eShop will have playable demos and HD video features. Along with viewing the eShop on both the GamePad and the TV screen, players can view and rate games, and read comments related to the game from Miiverse. The eShop can download content while a Wii

Iwata Asks: New Details on the Wii U Video Chat Feature

The Wii U’s video chat feature was the main topic in the latest Iwata Asks, and two developers behind the application revealed several good and bad details.     The video chat feature will use Vidyo, which will make communication easier. Since Vidyo’s technology monitors and changes the bit rate in real-time, users will see little

Tank! Tank! Tank! Promotional Video

  Namco Bandai Games recently released a questionably funny video promoting the upcoming launch game Tank! Tank! Tank!. There’s no way to describe it – so you should probably just watch it.  

Official Mass Effect 3 Wii U Trailer

  Bioware has revealed the official video trailer for Mass Effect 3 Wii U. The video mainly features scenes from the game, with the usage of the Wii U GamePad making a brief appearance. The Wii U special edition of Mass Effect 3 will include most, if not all, previously released DLC, and several other