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New Wii U Update Live, Lets You Watch Wii Games On The GamePad

A major Wii U system update is now live. Of the most notable features, the new update lets you stream Wii games to the GamePad, so that you no longer are forced to use the TV. The update, which is thought to be around 600 megabytes large, arrives on the night before a Nintendo Direct

Iwata Says Wii U Pricing Isn’t The Issue, Blames Slow Sales On Lack of Software

Satoru Iwata told CVG that the Wii U price point is not what’s causing the slumping sales. Iwata points out that if the pricing was the issue, then it just wouldn’t make sense that the Deluxe Set, which costs around $50 more than its basic counterpart, is somehow selling much more. He than added that

Several Retailers Have Already Dropped The Wii U Basic, No Longer Selling It In-Store

At launch, the Wii U Basic was the cheaper, white version of the Wii U, that Nintendo probably thought would sell better than it did. Its black counterpart, the Wii U Deluxe, featured more memory, and the packed-in game Nintendo Land, for only $50 dollars more. Perhaps the fact that Nintendo Land cost $60 by

The Latest Iwata Asks Is About New Super Luigi U, Nabbit, And DLC

The latest Iwata Asks helps explain Nintendo’s thinking behind the New Super Luigi U DLC, and some of the design choices made behind-the-scenes that definitely influenced the final game. For instance, why did Nintendo decide to pull Nabbit into the DLC as a playable character? Apparently, the logic was that since Mario was out, and

Check Out This Interesting Japanese Pikmin 3 Commercial

Nintendo of Japan appears to be running a new Pikmin 3 commercial in Japan. It’s simple, but it definitely grabs your attention. Check it out below. Pikmin 3 launches July 26th in Europe and August 4th in North America. Read more: Check Out The First Pikmin 3 Review Miyamoto: New Nintendo Franchise Is Keeping Me

All-New Nintendo Franchise Keeping Shigeru Miyamoto “Busy”

Shigeru Miyamoto just got done with Pikmin 3, and he’s already talking about developing a new Nintendo franchise. He told Famitsu that he feels the Wii U will have a solid lineup by next spring, and as such he’s looking at creating an all-new franchise. Unfortunately for the excited Nintendo fans out there, he didn’t offer

Miyamoto: Wii U Is Even Easier Than Previous Consoles To Develop For

Now this certainly sounds odd.   After President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata admitted that Nintendo’s had difficulty coping with the transition to HD, the last thing we expected to hear is – get this – apparently, the Wii U is easier to develop for than Nintendo’s previous consoles. This comes from legendary game designer Shigeru

Iwata: Wii U Developers Shouldn’t Have Expected Big Sales for Ported Launch Titles

When the Wii U launched, third party developers helped build the Wii U’s launch game library. Many major third party titles were ported to the Wii U in hopes of sharing the launch period success, but some developers and publishers aren’t as friendly toward the Wii U after seeing their game’s sales figures. EA Sports,

Here’s What The GamePad Will Be Used For In Mario Kart 8 [UPDATE]

Nintendo Representative Hector Solis spoke to News10 about the upcoming racing title, Mario Kart 8, revealing new details about the title and how the GamePad will be used. All we’ve known so far about the GamePad is from a recent comment from Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno. When asked about the functions of the GamePad,

Nintendo’s “Free” Strategy To Attract Indie Developers

After Nintendo announced Nintendo Web Framework, a way for developers to easily make games for the Wii U, news comes that Nintendo has another plan for competing with the Xbox One and PS4 for developers. Developer Brian Provinciano, who worked on Retro City Rampage, says that all Wii U developers receive a free license, and even more