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  • Miiverse Hits Smartphones and Browsers This May [Sneak Preview]

    By Zok on March 29, 2013
    Miiverse comes to browsers and smartphones this May. PLUS: Sneak preview of Miiverse smartphone app
  • Pikmin 3: Take Photos From the Pikmin’s Perspective, and Share Them on Miiverse

    By Zok on January 23, 2013
    In today’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata revealed some interesting new details about one of the most wanted games for the Wii U: Pikmin 3. Using the Wii U GamePad, you’ll be able to get up close to world around you and take stunning close-ups photos of your environment from a Pikmin’s view. Nintendo’s hope is that players will enjoy sharing […]
  • Digitally Downloaded: Miiverse Could Be a “Great Idea, Failed Execution” Wii U Application

    By Zok on January 9, 2013
    Now that the Wii U’s recent launch is more or less behind us, we can crawl through the built-up hype, and see the Wii U for what it really is: a great system. But just like any other game console, some features are not quite what most people expected. According to Digitally Downloaded, Miiverse is one of those Wii U […]
  • Yoshi’s Land Coming to Wii U

    By Zok on November 27, 2012
    The Wii U’s launch has had it’s surprises, some expected and some unexpected. Most everyone expected a long initial day one update, but no one expected some players would accidentally hack into Miiverse and gain access to the moderator control panel. One NeoGAF forum user did just that, and stumbled upon a list of Wii U games. Most were already released, but […]
  • Nintendo Shouldn’t Compete With Sony And Microsoft, But Rather Take A Unique Stance With the Wii U

    By Zok on November 21, 2012
    With the Nintendo Wii U out in North America, many gamers have a decision to make. The core gamer audience will inevitably be divided on whether the Wii U is their favorite “core” system, as compared to home consoles from Microsoft or Sony. Although a few game developers here and there would disagree, nearly all games that can be made […]
  • Video Footage of the Nintendo Land Plaza

    By Zok on November 19, 2012
    Check out this gameplay video showcasing the Nintendo Land Plaza.     While Nintendo Land doesn’t actually have any online features, the plaza shown in the video above does get populated with Miis from Miiverse.
  • First Ever Look at Wii U’s Mii Maker

    By Zok on November 15, 2012
      Nintendo of Japan has lately been releasing a bunch of new information about the Wii U, and the most recent addition is this new screenshot of the Wii U’s Mii Maker. From a quick first glance, we see that the Wii U’s Mii Maker is an interesting hybrid of the Wii and the 3DS Mii creators, combining the ability […]
  • Wii U eShop Will Have Demos

    By Zok on November 14, 2012
    According to Nintendo of Japan’s official website, the Wii U eShop will have playable demos and HD video features. Along with viewing the eShop on both the GamePad and the TV screen, players can view and rate games, and read comments related to the game from Miiverse. The eShop can download content while a Wii U software is running, but […]
  • Straight Right: Mass Effect 3 Wii U Won’t Use Miiverse

    By Zok on November 14, 2012
    Straight Right’s Tom Crago has confirmed that Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U won’t use Miiverse. While every Wii U game is capable of using Miiverse, the developers chose not to include it due to the context of the game. “Miiverse functionality isn’t in Mass Effect 3. In the context of the game we never really talked about […]
  • Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Details Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and Internet Browser

    By Zok on November 14, 2012
      Once again, Bill Trinen from Nintendo’s treehouse is back to explain some details from the latest Nintendo direct. Along with sharing new footage of various Wii U applications and games, most notably Miiverse and Nintendo Land, Bill Trinen gives an overview of the “apartment” video previously seen in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, which shows off the Wii U’s features […]