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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Interview Video

Nintendo has posted a Moster Hunter 3 interview video on their official YouTube channel which details some of the games multiplayer features, like cross-over save data between the Wii U and the 3DS, and wireless local multiplayer. Check it out below. The video confirms that up to three 3DS systems can connect with one Wii

Two Tribes: Toki Tori 2 To Be Released Before Spring

Not too long ago, Two Tribes announced that the release date of Toki Tori 2 would be delayed and the game would miss the planned release date of December 20th, 2012. Curious as to the game’s new rescheduled release date, we asked Two Tribes if they could tell us when Toki Tori 2 would be

Interview: Two Tribes Shares Details About Toki Tori 2 and Plans for the Wii U eShop

As one of the first development studios showing full support of the Wii U eShop, Two Tribes will lead the way in showing what we can expect from future Wii U downloadable titles. We recently chatted with Two Tribes via Twitter about what we can expect from the upcoming Toki Tori 2, and what they

Nintendo’s Scott Moffit: The Wii U will have all of its features and functionality at launch

Lately, a rumor arose out of the gaming community that the Wii U would launch with some features missing, with the theory behind this rumor being that Nintendo would update the Wii U to keep giving a fresh experience. But this won’t be the case, as Nintendo’s Scott Moffit explains.     “Finding the right

New Rayman Legends Interview And Gameplay

Julien Chevallier, lead level designer on Rayman Legends, recently showed off more gameplay footage and confirmed some more details about the next Rayman title.     Expect to see Rayman Legends in early 2013 Lots of detail happen in the background and foreground of levels Five player co-op Murphy is a character almost designed for

Nano Assault Neo “Simply Breathtaking” and “We’re Already Planning New Projects With the Wii U”, says Shin’en Multimedia

Shin’en Multimedia recently described several new details about their upcoming Nano Assault Neo for the Wii U.     “Everything looks and plays really stunning, in super fluid 60fps and a cool surround soundtrack in 5.1 LPCM. Although the 3DS game is already really pretty, the detail in the Wii U graphics is simply breathtaking.

Scribblenauts Developer: Scribblenauts Unlimited a “perfect fit” for the Wii U

Scribblenauts creative director Jeremiah Slaczka and developer of Scribblenauts Unlimited recently elaborated through an email conversation what fans can expect from the upcoming Wii U launch title.     Jeremiah Slaczka, co-creator of 5th Cell, really stuck to a main theme of “the best and biggest yet”. And this Scribblenauts title really is the biggest

FIFA 13 on the Wii U will be the most realistic version of the game, plus an exclusive Wii U feature

More details for FIFA 13 show that the Wii U version will be the most realistic edition of the game, even more than the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions.     Matthew Prior, producer of the Wii U version of FIFA 13, told ONM UK: “The Wii U has got more memory so that allows

The Wii U is “surprisingly easy” to develop for, says Darksiders 2 developer

Recently, Vigil Games told GameZone that the Wii U is a great console to develop games for. “Technically, it’s one of the easier platforms to develop for – we had our core game up and running on it in a very short amount of time.”     During the interview, the developer even went so far as

Interview: Reggie’s Take On What the Wii U Offers Over the Competition

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently sat down with Brier Dudeley from The Seattle Times and gave his opinion on the Wii U’s most-talked-about features, and how the Wii U will succeed out of the many competitors in the next-generation console race, namely Sony, Microsoft, and Apple.   There are many applications that the Wii U offers