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New Super Mario Bros. U’s Innovation is in the Last Few Levels

According to a recent review, the true innovation that happens in the latest title in the Mario series is in the last few levels. A quick update: this review for New Super Mario Bros. U gave the game a score of 82%, using five sub-scores. Overall:  82/100 Graphics: 82/100 Gameplay 85/100 Accessibility: 90/100 Lifespan: 80/100 Innovation:

Iwata Asks: Miiverse’s Design

In the latest Iwata Asks, the producers of Miiverse detail how the featured Wii U application came to be, from its roots as a Japenese-only Wii application to a full-fledged Wii U social network. A Wii eShop channel, Wii no Ma was what led to the creation of Miiverse. A “living room communication channel”, Wii