New Zelda Wii U Rumors Surface

Zelda Informer has received some new rumors about Nintendo’s project to bring The Legend of Zelda to the Wii U. These rumors come from an anonymous person who claims to work for Nintendo.

According to the anonymous tipster:

  • The game will be revealed in some form at E3 2013. The game most likely won’t be released until early 2014 since it’s still in the early development stages. Possible eShop demo in late 2013.


  • The developers appear to be going with graphics like those seen in Skyward Sword, not the HD style graphics seen in the Wii U tech demo.
  • Nintendo of Japan prefers motion controls, like those in Skyward Sword, to the GamePad’s features and buttons. They are aware that some fans still prefer traditional buttons or will want to use the GamePad. (Earlier details have suggested that each dungeon will showcase a different feature from the GamePad.)


  • Nintendo of Japan was surprised at how well-received the romance was between Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword and intends to make it a larger part of the story in Zelda Wii U.
  • Developers are weighing the pros and cons for both full voice acting and whether or not Link will speak.
  • A well-known character from a past game is returning, but likely not in the same role or form as in the past.