Frozenbyte: Wii U Designed to Show Off Nintendo’s First Party Titles

Trine 2 is currently available on the Wii U eShop for download, and developer Frozenbyte recently shared their updated opinion of the Wii U.

trine 2 wii u

Frozenbyte has criticized the Wii U hardware in the past, especially picking at the lower clock speed compared to the Xbox 360 or PS3, but after porting Trine 2 to the Wii U, they feel that most developers will be pleased developing games for the Wii U.

“The whole architecture is running very well and we were able to ramp the Trine 2 art to a higher degree than with the other consoles.”

“So for porting no issues at all and there is a nice base for future original development too. Maybe some were looking for a larger leap in terms of pure power, but in the end I believe most developers will be quite comfortable with the system.”

The developer then stated that the “hidden power” of the Wii U is really shown off in first party games. Frozenbyte believes that Nintendo designed the Wii U, along with past consoles, to create innovation for the first party titles.

“[The Wii U is] again in a very different direction… that Nintendo has always been known for. They create their own standards and have huge IPs to fall back on. As for untapping the hidden power of new consoles, I think Nintendo personifies that in all of their first party titles, regardless of the actual CPU or GPU performance.”