Wii U Has Global Screenshot Capability

One of the lesser known, but broadly applicable features the Wii U offers is screenshot capability. Letting users keep a picture of the full screen has been a popular feature across many electronic devices for awhile now, so it only seems reasonable the upcoming Nintendo console should follow suit.

While screenshot capability in games itself would be great, Nintendo’s gone a step further, pushing the screenshot capability to be a global feature, meaning you can take screenshots at any time, including during Wii U application usage.

As an added feature, screenshots can be marked as spoilers, and then hidden from view of other gamers who don’t want to spoil the surprise for themselves.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the support for viewing screenshots yet, such as whether or not they can be saved to an SD card, and viewed on a different platform, or whether they’re locked to the system. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this new feature soon.