New Super Mario Bros. U’s Innovation is in the Last Few Levels

According to a recent review, the true innovation that happens in the latest title in the Mario series is in the last few levels.

Thwomps, Mario, and the GamePad Revolution-image-Wii U Turn

A quick update: this review for New Super Mario Bros. U gave the game a score of 82%, using five sub-scores.

  • Overall:  82/100
  • Graphics: 82/100
  • Gameplay 85/100
  • Accessibility: 90/100
  • Lifespan: 80/100
  • Innovation: 75/100

Overall, the reviewer considered the game easier than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and said that the game length is around 7 hours, which is not bad for a Mario title, and certainly better than some previous series entries.

Most intriguing to know is whether Nintendo used the GamePad’s innovation factor. While a score of 75% at first glance appears to be a bit low, the reviewer also described that the game was “mind-blowing” in innovation:

“Without wishing to spoil anything, we were surprised, excited, and twinkly-eyed during an excellent finale. It’s almost as if Nintendo suddenly realized that they were in fact working with a Wii U, with a game-changing GamePad and everything.
[This Mario game is] solid, if not mind-blowing.”

Mario’s reinvention in this entry has a late start, but it still manages to make a lasting impression, enough that you’ll be playing this one for some time.




(Review via GamesMaster magazine)