Wii Fit U: Why the gamepad won’t be the main focus

In the official Nintendo website description of the upcoming game, Wii Fit U, we can tell that Nintendo’s reinventing the game to match the new console, but in ways no one would expect at first glance.


Wii Fit U will be the next-in-line of the fitness series made by Nintendo, which feature the balance board, a Wii peripheral which measures balance and weight, and also several fitness-inspired minigames.

“Single-screen activities or exercises can be played using the GamePad without a TV screen. You can also use the GamePad to check personal information, such as your weight, without displaying it on the big screen.

You can carry the portable Fit Meter everywhere to take a comprehensive record of your daily activity. A variety of data, such as the number of stepstaken or the elevation climbed, can be synced with the Wii U console to show how much activity takes place throughout the day.”

Fortunately, Wii Fit U will have the ability to play the game off-TV, using the gamepad as the main view. However, beyond some minigame and fitness integration (Nintendo offers viewing your weight privately, for example), the gamepad possibilities look limited.

Instead, the gamepad will be more or less overshadowed by the new “Fit Meter”. More than an in-game measurement tool, the Fit Meter is a portable sensor that you carry throughout the day. It records your step count, elavation, and all kinds of fitness data, which can then be sent to the Wii U console to be used in the game.

Since Wii Fit U won’t be a launch title, perhaps Nintendo expects the gamepad’s novelty to wear off. But this new “Fit Meter” could easily reinvent the series as much as the gamepad could, so we’ll just have to wait and see.