Game and Wario is the mature version of Nintendo Land, and here’s why

Game and Wario, the next game in the WarioWare series, follows the same suit as the rest of the series. It has loud, flashy, and even obstreperous minigames, and the crude humor that the series fan base loves. But from Nintendo’s perspective, it’s just a more “mature” continuation of Nintendo Land.


Take a look at some of the minigames that have been detailed:

  • Arrow – This single-player game transforms the GamePad into a hi-tech bow (shaped like Wario’s mustache, of course) and arrow designed to defeat swarming enemies. Players hold the GamePad vertically with one hand to aim at enemies on the TV screen, while using their other hand to pull the arrow on the GamePad’s touch screen.
  • Ski – In this single-player game, competitors must lead the skier to the finish line by holding the GamePad vertically and tilting it left or right. The TV monitor will show the skier’s flashy moves to entertain the audience.
  • Shutter – In this single-player game, the player must use the GamePad like a telephoto camera lens to take photos of criminals hidden in the town before the time runs out.
  • Fruit – In this game for two to five players, the main player uses the GamePad to anonymously control one of many characters on the TV screen to quietly steal some fruit scattered all over the town. Once the thief completes the mission, the player passes the GamePad to the other players,who then must try to finger the suspect.

Already, we see another pattern – minigames exclusively for single-player, but also a collection of multiplayer minigames for the gang to play. Of course, the fact that the players are holding the gamepad and using different features to play a variety of minigames shows an association as well. From what we can see so far, the focus is on using the gamepad’s features, and that’s how Nintendo plans to turn novice players into experienced players.

Considering the similarities, could Game and Wario be to Nintendo Land what Wii Play was to Wii Sports - a continuation of a game designed to train casual gamers to new control schemes?

It’s definitely possible.

Game and Wario is scheduled to be released in the “launch window” of the Wii U.